Parks & Play Area Fencing

We work with all types of fencing systems. Our railings are bespoke to project needs and site conditions and we manufacture according to your specifications. Below are some examples of previous works carried out in Council parks and local schools. 

Bespoke Wrought iron Fencing

Bespoke Wrought Iron Park Fencing


Example of wrought iron fencing and gates with intergated signage. Steel ball top posts galvanised and powder coated black.

Play Ground Wrought Iron Railings

Play Area Railings


Bespoke secure railings around a council play area. Includes one way lockable gate with safety features to prevent accidents such as trapped fingers as health and safety was a top priority at this site. Railings are galvanised and powder coated black.

Ball Top Park Railings

Ball Top Park Railings



Long lasting and durable ball top railings are ideal for enclosing play areas as used here for a council project in Brentwood.

Wrought Iron Railings, galvanised and powder coated

Metal Security Railings


Surrounding a wooded public park these metal railings are durable enough to deter vandals but are still in keeping with the area and pleasing to look at.